Best Budget Bows

A bow only has to do a few things well for it to be a good bow. The cams must line up with the string when you look at the string before drawing it. It needs to be adjustable enough to match your draw length and weight, and it must feel good in your hand. With these criteria in mind, here are several of the best bargains on the market. They cost less than top-shelf models, but have all you need.

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3 Responses to Best Budget Bows

rfnorman wrote:
October 25, 2012

Got a Legion the other day. Amazingly smooth draw. Nice solid wall. Shoots bullets with nearly no shock of vibration. Feels good in my hand and looks good too.

David wrote:
July 21, 2012

John, to tell u the truth ur not alone. Thought the same thing.

John wrote:
June 29, 2012

Heh, heh. When I first read "kit form" I thought "I have to pay an extra C-note to put it together?", then realized that meant with accessories. Can you tell I don't own a bow?