Best Turkey Hunting Blinds

While many turkey hunters prefer to stay mobile, there are times when sitting still is required, as well as the best way to hunt turkeys. However, staying still for long periods can be difficult unless you’re comfortable and well-hidden, both of which can be found in a blind. But which one has the features you need?

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2 Responses to Best Turkey Hunting Blinds

Becky wrote:
November 04, 2012

I just had to go out and brake this blind down with my husband just 5 minutes ago.. Once u get ur U started.. Grab right side pull to you and tuck as u bring it to you then other side should follow. Hope this helps....

Jeff Blackwell wrote:
October 20, 2012

I purchased from Cabelas.Fairly easy to set up. One of the connecting poles I discovered was severed. Take down was a nightmare and buckets of sweat and cus words. Cabelas couldn't even fingd it in their inventory when I went to comment. I'm still trying to figure out how to break the blind down so I can ship it back to Cabelas. My neighbor couldn't figure it out either.