The Elk of Utah

Elk don't have a habit of making things easy on hunters, and the herds prowling of the hills in and around Coalville, Utah, were no different last November when Associate Online Editor Shawn Skipper joined Federal Premium Ammunition for a hunt hosted by R&K Hunting Co. Snow, wind and rough terrain awaited—but, fortunately, so did a few bulls. Get a closer look at the trip with this gallery.

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3 Responses to The Elk of Utah

Sam Ferguson wrote:
March 28, 2014

I saw this in the American Hunter. I lived in Coalville in 1980 for about 8 months. Beautiful country, but very cold to a southern boy like me. Great Elk, there weren't many there in 1980, but they moved in after Park City got developed. Congratulations on a great hunt!

Don wrote:
March 22, 2014

Nice elk, BUT it's still a paid hunt and not like a bunch of amature hunters heading out to the woods to bag an elk.

Jim silldorff wrote:
January 12, 2014

Great job - Keep up the good work!