Inside Aimpoint's Sportsman Shooting Center

Aimpoint’s Sportsman Shooting Center (SSC)—the United States’ first indoor hunting shooting center—opened Sept. 21, 2013 at Grapevine, Texas. SSC provides the opportunity for shooters to practice on dynamic hunting scenarios inside an air-conditioned, live-fire cinema range using their own rifles and ammunition. The center includes a 100-yard sighting tunnel and an interactive simulator. Patrons are also offered the option of renting Blaser R8 rifles, and Norma ammunition is available for purchase in all major hunting calibers. Aimpoint sights will be offered as well. For more, visit

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1 Response to Inside Aimpoint's Sportsman Shooting Center

Bill wrote:
October 02, 2013

This is an unbelievable place. To me it is very reasonable in price, the staff is knowledgeable, General Manager, Randy Sykora, is an excellent host. The technician/instructor that I had was Michael, he was supperb.