Wisconsin Man Chased by Wild Turkey

A wild turkey chased a Wisconsin man through the streets of south side Sheboygan, only to be cornered by local police before fleeing into the woods.

I came upon this video and thought it was worth a share because if you love turkeys as much as I do (or find them as confusing and frustrating), you'll appreciate it. The 58-second video shows a standoff between a gobbling tom and the Sheboygan police. Apparently this tenacious turkey had been chasing a man on the south side of the city when officers on patrol found the pair, according to SheboyganDaily.com. Not long after the police arrived, the turkey returned to the woods post-haste. Even though this tom was smart enough to elude being served on a platter this Thanksgiving, I suspect that once he gets caught he won’t be lucky enough to receive a presidential pardon.

I may be a novice hunter, but I'm going to go ahead and say that this is not the best way to go about turkey hunting.

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1 Response to Wisconsin Man Chased by Wild Turkey

Jon wrote:
December 18, 2013

standoff? Turkey walks around slowly, cop doesn't even attempt to get out of car.