Epic Wins & Fails of 2011

The year was full of great stories of successful and not-so-successful hunters. Here's who'll ring in the New Year with champagne and who should stick to fried coot.

Be sure to add any wins and fails that I missed to the comments section.

WIN: Honeymooner Ditches Bride, Goes Duck Hunting
Duck hunters will no doubt study this tale of bravery and careful manipulation of the female psyche for years to come.

FAIL: Jeff Foiles Pleads Guilty
Jeff Foiles was sentenced to 13 months in the Federal pen after pleading guilty to violations of the Lacey Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. He's also in trouble in Canada.

WIN: Duck Hunters Evade Irate Rent-A-Cop
Want to get out of a rent-a-cop's parking ticket? Just grab her pen and run.

FAIL: Man Shoots at Bird Indoors, Peppers Coworker
Here's further evidence that wingshooting is best enjoyed outdoors.

WIN: Iowa Gets a Dove Season
Iowans are finally able to participate in one of wingshooting's finest traditions.

FAIL: Facebook Photo Leads to Duck Hunter's Citation
Rule No. 1: Don't poach. Rule No. 2: Don't poach and post the evidence online.

WIN: Duck Hunters Survive Grizzly Bear Attack
Wrote one commenter, "I guess steel shot penetrates pretty well at two feet."

FAIL: Cape Cod to Use Cannons to Scare Off Eiders
Apparently eiders consume more shellfish than the buffet line at a Kennedy wedding. Why not encourage more duck hunting in the area?

WIN/FAIL: American E-Collars Disrupt French Army Comm
It's a fail for the French, but a win for those who enjoy a good French army joke.

WIN: Duck Population at All-Time High
Now, if only winter would arrive.

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