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Welcome to BullShooters

By Jeff Johnston

Ever wanted to hack your barrel off just to see if your rifle would still shoot or solve an internet big buck rumor instead of just blindly forwarding it to your buddies?

Well, save yourself the time, trouble and the tears—we’re gonna do it for you. My popular BullShooters column has been blowing holes in hunting lore in the pages of American Hunter magazine for three years. Now, I have teamed with fellow gun enthusiast Keith Wood to bring the popular column to AmericanHunter.org. You can bet we'll be mixing scientific methods with hardcore curiosity in a blog dedicated to testing and evaluating the guns, gear, hunting and shooting myths that can make or break your success in the field.

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1 Response to Welcome to BullShooters

Mitch Purvis wrote:
May 26, 2011

Keith Great info about the .223. I've often thought that many hunters use overkill with big calibers on whitetail.