Elderly Man Stands Up to Thugs


As one who is in the process of being ushered forcibly and reluctantly into the “Old Guy Fraternity,” I particularly enjoyed this story: 86-year-old Walter Peppel, of Middle Smithfield Township, Pa., took a notion that three men were trying to scam him out of more than $11,000 in unneeded repairs to his 1995 vintage roof.

The contractors claimed Mr. Peppel’s roof had a “water bubble” in it, and to prove their point, one of the men climbed into the attic and dropped some water onto Mr. Peppel’s head. There had never been any water leaking before that, so Mr. Peppel began to believe he was being set up for a scam.

When the men refused Mr. Peppel’s requests to leave his property, he retrieved a Model 94 Winchester in .32 Winchester Special that was handed down to him by his father and pointed it at them. The scammers stood their ground at first, claiming the rifle was unloaded—which it was—but Mr. Peppel apparently was able to put up enough of a bluff to persuade the miscreants to leave.

As far as I am concerned, anybody who abuses animals, children or the elderly is a despicable thug—along with several other adjectives that cannot be used here. God bless Walter Peppel for standing up to these cowards!

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1 Response to Elderly Man Stands Up to Thugs

JW wrote:
May 19, 2011

Great job by our seniors, They no longer put up with this crap