Video: "Scotch Double" Rounds Out Bluebill Limit

Last Saturday's dawning sun revealed the sorriest diver spread I've ever seen. We had more decoys touching than not, they were way too close to the blind and the majority were tangled together in a hideous blob. Best of all, when wind and surf ripped through the spread it created the not-so-subtle sound of plastic smacking plastic.

My hunting buddies, Eric and Jon, and I arrived at the blind minutes before legal light due to the most severe 4 a.m. traffic I've ever encountered, and in our haste we managed to get our long-lines tangled. Amid a flurry of obscenity, we tossed them out the best we could and settled into the blind. Divers do rub against one another naturally, and they don't exactly look over a spread with the same discerning eye as a mallard, but still I was not optimistic.

Boy was I wrong. Hundreds of bluebills cruised our decoys all morning long. I missed two bluebills and killed two within the hunt's first 15 minutes. Having filled my Atlantic Flyway limit of two scaup, I traded my shotgun for a video camera. I'm glad I did, because seconds later I captured Eric performing a rare feat: a "Scotch double"--two ducks with one shot.

You can hear Eric yell, "No more!" because three ducks hit the water. Eric feared he'd shot a Scotch triple and that we were about to go over the limit. But listen closely--Jon and Eric shoot almost simultaneously. It was Jon who shot the third, lead duck. Jon then shot another duck to complete a true double. Dozens of bluebills continued to buzz the decoys as Eric's chocolate, Dixie, retrieved one of the ducks.

Despite a nauseating spread, Jon and Eric's doubles completed our three-man limit of bluebills. I knew we'd set up where the ducks wanted to be, but I was still shocked by our success. Have you ever had a day when nothing went according to plan and against all odds the hunt still turned out great?

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