Two Huge Bucks, One Hunter

Most of us would be happy with just one big buck every year. No matter the score or Boone & Crockett rank, we're just happy to tip over an animal with something that resembles a rack on top its head.

But there are a lucky few that get a chance to double up. Jon LaCorte, Nikon's Sr. Marketing Manager Jon LaCorte, has done just that over the last month. To be honest, it really doesn't matter where Jon works. These bucks are worth noting regardless of the hunter's profession.

I ran into this New York born whitetail nut a week or so ago on his 10th trip to Saskatchewan to hunt whitetails in the last 12 years. I was headed out of the North Country and back to the East Coast, and he was preparing to head to North Central Saskatchewan to spend a week with Buck Paradise Outfitters.

Well, it looks like he had a successful trip to the Canada's big buck wonderland. Take a look.

Sask Buck

Writes Jon:

Temperatures were slightly higher then normal with minimal rut activity. My guide had several good bucks on trail cameras, and I passed a 140 class eight-point at first light. I saw six other small 110-130 class bucks and several does.

It wasn't long before this buck stepped out at 122 yards around 11 a.m., and I was fortunate enough to drop
him in his tracks.

What a deer. But wait there's more. In October LaCorte busted another bruiser in Montana.

Montana Buck

Jon writes some more:

We were hunting in Montana, close the ND border. We tracked river bottoms between
bedding and feeding area and battled cold temps, high winds, rain and snow for the first two days. By noon on the third day the weather cleared and the deer were up on their feet feeding early.

We had passed several 120-130 class deer. Guys bowhunting the area in the prior weeks had seen this buck. Buck came out on a field edge at over 500 yards away and worked his way in and out of the treeline until he came out in a winter wheat field and I made the shot at 154 yards.

Congrats to Jon for a pair of wall hangers, and a year he won't soon forget. What do you guys think both of these bucks might score?

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2 Responses to Two Huge Bucks, One Hunter

jeff johnston wrote:
November 17, 2010

Are those Bushnells he's wearing? LOL.. Great job, Ben. When I first saw the headline--as you know I am the American Headline Hunter--I thought you were talking about ... Jeff Johnston!

bart wrote:
November 17, 2010

Great write-up. The deer of a lifetime times two! Enjoyed the article Ben, keep them coming!