Tragedy Averted at CAS Match

We had an “incident” at our monthly CAS match Saturday. It could have been tragic. Fortunately it was nothing more than an expensive embarrassment. One of our senior shooters had four—yes four—consecutive squibs in his revolver, and no one caught it until the barrel opened up. Check out the image.



Every once in a while we’re given a heads up. In this case we all shared the blame. Though there were more than twenty shooters present, no one stopped this gentleman from continuing to shoot. The first line of defense—the shooter—failed to recognize a problem. It’s somewhat understandable given the pressure of a match and following a scenario. Too, this gentleman is, shall we say, very senior. I hesitate to say that he should not be out there, but he should have someone with him at all times. He does in the form of the Range Officer, who also functions as the stage timer. So there was a second failure. The third failure was the three scorers whose responsibility it is to monitor the contestant’s shooting. Add to that a fourth failure of those other shooters who were watching him shoot.

This was a sobering heads up. I can guarantee it will be brought up during the pre-shoot safety meetings we have over the next several months. We got away with it this time. No one was injured, but we were all quite embarrassed. Shooting events—even the casual ones we enjoy with our buddies—are a lot of fun. A big part of it is the camaraderie. But shooting carries with it some inherent risks, and we are all responsible for ensuring those risks are managed properly.

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