Time to Look Up

This is the time of year when I walk around staring upward. No, it is not a spastic reaction to the intense heat of another summer, or a fear of UFOs that draws my gaze skyward, but rather it is my desire to learn more about where the deer will be in late September and early October. You see, mid-August is the first real opportunity to study the oak trees and determine which ones will be putting out acorns this year. That is very important information because the deer will abandon all other food sources when the acorns start falling.

Take a set of binos out to your hunting area and study several oak trees of each variety. For example, this year some of the white oaks on our farm have acorns, as do most of the red oaks and most of the shingle oaks. Knowing this makes me a more versatile deer hunter. Now I know what to anticipate in late August and through the month of September. The bucks (all the deer) will tend to favor the mast that they can easily find close to their bedding areas. Much of our farm has oak trees on it, meaning that no deer is more than 30 yards from a meal when the acorns are dropping!

That can make hunting very difficult, as the deer don’t have to move very far from bedding to feeding areas; however, it also creates an opportunity when you have areas where the acorn-dropping oak trees are concentrated. Anytime you have a concentrated food source, you will have good hunting. When the oaks are spread out, it is tough, but when they are concentrated it represents an opportunity. Look for that kind of opportunity in your hunting area this week.

Good luck.

Check out this week's video.

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