They Just Don’t Get It


President Obama recently opined in the Arizona Star that we should sit down at the negotiating table and discuss “common sense gun control.” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre immediately countered that gun control is not the issue and there is no need for such a meeting, unless the discussion revolves around dealing with sociopathic behavior, not guns.

Plain and simple: They just don’t get it. The current political rancor must be stirring the old juices and precipitating the other side into a bout of nostalgia for the good ol’ days of the 1980s and ’90s when the gun banners thought they had the public’s ear. But every time they are successful with a piece of legislation curtailing our Second Amendment rights, they get voted out of power.

The American public is not as naïve as it once was regarding guns, nor is it as ambivalent about the gun issue. Shooting is gaining in popularity, especially as new games and competitions debut, and as gun technology brings forth new and innovative firearms. Old taboos like concealed carry for the general public and sound suppressors are being challenged regularly today, and in most cases the taboos are being shed as a better educated public understands and appreciates the fact that these anachronistic rules are nothing more than a veiled attempt to deprive us of our God-given right to posses the tools required for our own security. My home state of Wyoming just passed legislation stating that citizens who are legally allowed to own firearms do not need a special license to carry them concealed. It’s likely that it will be some time before similar legislation is passed in states like California, Illinois or New York, but I have faith that the citizens of those states will see the benefits it brings to us and demand their rights be recognized and honored.

Mr. LaPierre’s reply to the President’s offer was spot on. There will be no negotiations to deprive us of our rights. So-called “common sense gun control” always has and will always equal gun confiscation.

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1 Response to They Just Don’t Get It

Ronnie wrote:
March 31, 2011

Thank GOD for united States of American , NRA and all of us standing up for our gun rights , God Bless America