The Equalizer: A Revolutionary Release Aid

By Bob Robb

I never, ever use the over-hyped word “revolutionary” when describing new hunting gear. In the case of Goat Tuff’s Equalizer Archery Release Aid, however, the term is apt.

How so?

“The Equalizer was designed for short draw archers or those that have had to shoot lower poundages due to age or injury,” Goat Tuff President Jerry Smith said. “These archers have pretty much stuck with the performance of their bow due to draw length and weight limitations. With the Equalizer Release the archer can increase performance by approximately 10 fps for each inch of increase up to 3 inches.”

Let me explain. With standard release aids, the bow string or string loop is grabbed with the release jaws, which are positioned in front of the trigger. With the Equalizer, the release jaws are positioned behind the trigger. That means the bowstring can now be drawn back further than when using a standard release aid. Best of all, you can still shoot using the same shooting form you have become accustomed to, meaning accuracy will not suffer.

Here’s the bottom line. When shooting my Hoyt Carbon Element with 28-inch draw length set at a 70-pound draw weight and loaded with 28 ½-inch Beman Hunter Pro 340 shafts and 100-grain arrow point weighing in at 402.5 grains, my raw arrow speed is 279 fps. By using an Equalizer release, my draw length can be extended to 29 ½n inches. Using the same Beman shaft cut 1 ½ inches longer adds just 13.2 grains, and my chronographed raw arrow speed is now 295 fps. That’s a big increase!

The Equalizer fits comfortably in the palm of the hand with an In Line adjustable trigger that allows for the perfect alignment of the arm, wrist and release. The plunger-type trigger is activated with a smooth, natural movement of the finger. The release body is precision machined from billet aluminum with all internal parts of stainless steel. Both an adjustable metal, double-tongue buckle and standard Velcro closure styles are available.

This is something you need to check out at, or call 520-742-1701 for more information.

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1 Response to The Equalizer: A Revolutionary Release Aid

Corey James wrote:
August 03, 2013

Junk! Promotes poor form