Quest for 450: Take a Break Hunting Tip

During the lull in hunting activity for Gobbler No. 441, Mike Pentecost and his crew used the down time in the field to snack and fill back up on fluids. Unlike a lot of big-game hunting, turkey hunting often takes place in warm or even downright hot weather, and not maintaining a good intake of fluids can run a hunter down and even be dangerous in extreme cases.

With the action slow, but still plenty of hunting ahead in the day, Mike even kicked his boots off for awhile to rest his feet.

“Let those feet cool off and rest so you are still able to keep walking later in the day when the action picks back up,” said Mike. “A hunter can do a lot of walking chasing turkeys, so rested feet are important. I often even change my socks to a spare dry pair that I carry in my pack. It goes a long way toward making feet feel refreshed and re-energized.”

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