Summer Scouting Strategies


The first week of August is the absolute best time all year to see a mature buck out in the open-much better than the rut. We love to scout at this time of year and the excitement level around the office is very high as just about everyone comes in with footage of multiple whoppers just about every night. We rarely see multiple whoppers each day during the rut and never for as long or at such close range as we do during the summer.

We actually set up specifically for the summer filming with treestands that we never use at any other time of year and ground blinds that we abandon after mid-August. It has the feel of real hunting and the prize is several minutes of stellar footage of a giant buck. We go back years later and watch those segments.

Summer scouting is a ton of fun and has some value from a hunting point (maybe not as much as people think though). But I will come back to the subject of what you can learn next week. For now it is enough to get you fired up about getting out there and looking at those great deer when they are most relaxed.

As I said, enter the summer scouting as if you are planning a hunt-be just as careful with wind, entry and exit routes and even where you place your blind or stand. It is very rewarding when you capture a nice buck on video. I will be bringing you plenty of that over the next few weeks as we show footage on the Whitetail Season series of some of the best bucks we are filming each week.

If you aren't planning to film, then hang way back and watch the fields with binoculars and spotting scope to keep from unnecessarily alerting the bucks. Start by looking on the high protein food sources such as clover, alfalfa and soybeans.

Click the video below to learn more, and then check out the video introduction.

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