South Dakota Signs Hound-Hunting into Law

Last September, due largely to a campaign of misinformation by “animal rights” activists, California banned hunting bears and bobcats with hounds. Thankfully the people of South Dakota have better sense than that. Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed into law a measure allowing the use of hounds to hunt mountain lions and to assist in the recovery of any big-game animal. Anti-hunters, of course, are raising a chorus, as they have been since South Dakota held its first mountain lion season in 2005.

But it seems few of the protestors are actually South Dakota residents, and cat hunting has only increased in the state. The mountain lion population has continued to swell, and so too has the lion quota allotted by the S.D. Department of Game, Fish and Parks. In the 2005 season, the quota was just 25 cats. Last season it was 100 (not to exceed 70 female lions). Given that state biologists say removing 70 to 100 cats would improve the ecosystem’s health, doesn’t it make sense to use hounds—an efficient means of hunting cats?

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