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Are Sling Studs Deadly?

When another anti-gun newspaper gets the facts wrong, Bullshooters is here to sort 'em out.

By BullShooters Staff

The Myth
Sling Loops are evil and should be banned.

Fresh from the Friday, Jan. 18 edition of that all-knowing oracle, the Chicago Tribune, comes this little gem of knowledge.

The Real Question
How do you mount a grenade launcher or a bayonet on that thing, anyway?

The Answer
Well, actually, dear newspaper editor and esteemed firearm expert, that's called a sling loop, or a sling stud. Had you taken a basic NRA gun safety course, enrolled in the military or had ever been hunting with any type of rifle, you might have recognized it. You can't mount a grenade launcher, or a bayonet to it, except of course, with a large amount of duct tape or bailing wire. And besides, grenade launchers and grenades are illegal.

Other random facts the Tribune staff may find interesting
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 2.9 percent of the U.S. unintentional fatalities in 2008 resulted from suffocations. So it's a good thing that "deadly" piece of congruent material we call a sling wasn't attached.

Unintentional deaths with a firearm was .5 percent. Grenade launchers and bayonets were not listed by the CDC, because they are statistically irrelevant.

Another fact: Chicago is the deadliest city in America with a projected 730 murders. And you can believe that fact; it came from the Huffington Post.

The Answer
Although liberal newspapers are not the firearms experts they claim to be, they do know Piers Morgan, who has a brother who was in the British Army.

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1 Response to Are Sling Studs Deadly?

vishnu wrote:
January 29, 2013

I heard Piers Morgan make that claim as to his source of firearms expertise when he was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. One talking head interviewing another was rich. Of course, Morgan never stated that his brother actually used firearms in the military, but I'll give him that. Piers went on to critici Any wonder CNN is losing market share?ze the use of the "extremely powerful bullets" used in the AR-15. Well, since the press has referred to anything bigger than a .22 rimfire as a "high-powered rifle" for decades, I guess a .223 centerfire is a pretty powerful cartridge. Any wonder that CNN has been losing market share?