Remington 870 and a Mission Craze Bow

With the commencement of the fall hunting season looming on the horizon, novice huntress Sarah Smith Barnum has been preparing herself with the necessary tools to hunt.

With the commencement of the fall hunting season looming on the horizon, I have been preparing myself with the necessary tools to hunt wherever I may end up this year. Since I didn't get to hunt at all last season I am adamant about at least getting into the woods this fall, if not filling my freezer. For firearm season, I ended up buying myself the Remington 870 shotgun I used on my turkey hunt. I'm comfortable with the 870, but bow hunting will be a new venture for me.

I have had my new bow sitting in it's box for longer than I care to admit, and finally brought it down to my coworker, American Hunter Executive Editor Jeff Johnston, to get some help setting the draw weight and length. The first few times I attempted to draw were not successful, but after getting the correct weight it was easy-peasy. Next week I will head out to shoot this bow for the first time. I did some archery way-back-when, when I attended girl scout camp—yes, some girl scouts did more than sell cookies—but shooting a target with a flimsy kid's bow compared to the Mission Craze is like apples to oranges that can actually kill you.

And do not fear, I will not be making any Katniss Everdeen or Brave references. My generation would include something more along the lines of Xena Warrior Princess (I have no problem admitting that I did the Xena cry during my girl-scout camp archery days).

Stay tuned to see how badly I mess up! And if you have any helpful tips feel free to throw them out there.

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