Redneck Bling


Last weekend I attended a sort of community picnic of like-minded folks. There were several community leaders present, as well as one of our U.S. Senators. Normally in Wyoming it isn’t unusual for gunners to show up to this kind of event with a favorite gun strapped on. Some folks describe them as “barbeque guns.” It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me to show up with what I personally call redneck bling.

However, given that a U.S. Senator was going to be present and the recent Tucson shooting still in mind, I left my redneck bling in the truck. I need not have done so. Several attendees were packing their favorite pistol. There was no evidence of discomfort, shock or pause by anyone present.

I thought that I had made the mindset transition to Wyoming pretty thoroughly, but apparently I haven’t. In the Cowboy State guns are as much a part of our lives as an automobile or your watch. They are workaday tools, some nicer than others, and we appreciate that. There simply isn’t much consideration that an idiot would attempt something stupid like shooting up a crowd of people here because nearly everyone has a gun close by, if not always on their person.

What a difference a few miles can make!

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