Quiet Down

Regular readers of my diatribe know of my penchant for having a suppressor to make the shooting experience a bit more civilized. Sometimes you really do need to shoot without disturbing the peripheral environment. Of course, I’m referring to pest shooting. By pests I mean gophers, snakes, feral cats, trap lines, etc. Most of these encounters occur at very short range—say, 10 yards or less.

Tim Brandt, a buddy of mine who keeps us writer types satisfied with ATK/Federal, collared me at the SHOT Show Media Day last January and asked me to try shooting some new CCI rimfire ammo called Quiet-22. We had a lull in the general shooting around us, and I shouldered a bolt-action .22 sans ear-protection. The report was like a low-powered pellet gun. Very cool.

Now CCI has not discovered some new technology in propellants that limits the report of the firearm. All it does is take the selfsame 40-grain .22 LR bullet and load it down to about 710 fps. I just stepped out my front door a few minutes ago to give this stuff a quick accuracy test at 30 feet. Using the two most accurate .22s I own—a Kimber SuperAmerica 22 and an S&W K-22—it was no problem to keep a magazine or cylinder on a nickel. Most shots were inside a dime.

The report from a fixed-breech gun like my Kimber is, as I mentioned, along the line of a pellet gun. With the 6-inch-barreled revolver the report was about that of a bursting balloon. Because of its reduced power, this ammo will not reliably cycle a semi-auto firearm, and the report is ever so slightly increased.

I no longer run a trap line, but if I did I’d make sure I had a pocketful of Quiet-22 ammo with me. However, I do get an occasional feral cat out here that decides it wants to raise Cain with my pheasants. So I will make sure there’s a box of Quiet-22 with the .22 I keep behind the door for those occasions.

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