Quick and Easy Rangefinder Access

Something that has always bugged me was finding a way to keep my laser rangefinder handy, use it under demanding field conditions and then be able to store it away before shooting without the chance of dropping it or banging it on something that would make game-spooking noise. I have tried all sorts of gimmicks over the years, from using an elastic binocular strap under my other strap with binocular attached, to hanging it around my shoulder and neck on a piece of parachute cord, to using factory-supplied belt pouches and more.

Last fall I was able to field test the prototype of a new product that has proven to be an excellent way to solve this problem. It’s the Gear Keeper Integrated Retractable Holster for Range Finders. It’s a simple product that provides a padded belt holster for the rangefinder, which securely carries the unit and keeps it from getting banged up or lost while remaining out of the way. There is a top flap that snaps shut for extra protection, and the unit is secured to the pouch via a small-diameter, smoothly operating retractable cable that makes virtually no noise. When it’s time to make a stalk or take a rangefinder reading, you open the flap and tuck it out of the way, then gently pull the rangefinder out of the pouch. After taking your reading you can tuck it back into the pouch or, if things are happening in a big hurry—and when are they not?—you can simply let it hang by your side on the cable. All this can be done without taking your eyes off the target animal and, most important, as quietly as the proverbial church mouse.

The holster measures 4 ½ x 1 ½ x 41/2 inches and comes in Realtree camouflage. The retractor cable has a 9 ounce force and extends to 32 inches. The suggested retail price is $44.99. This is a product that both bowhunters and gun hunters will want to check out. For more information, go to gearkeeper.com.

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1 Response to Quick and Easy Rangefinder Access

rp wrote:
February 23, 2012

This sounds like a cool product and I am going to cvehck it out. Thanks for telling us about it!