Quest for 450: Quest Delayed

Jammed up with no camera still on hand, Mike Pentecost’s Quest for his 450th wild turkey, which was to start in Florida this past weekend, was put on hold. That means staying in Alabama where the season has already come in at least another week, which isn’t all bad, since he can jump on things as soon as he gets the matter straight. Until then, he’s doing the next best thing. He’s hunting with some friends.

After scouting birds on opening morning of Alabama’s season, Mike located some birds and headed out the next day with a friend. This is how he tells it:

“We didn't hear anything off the roost, and then stayed put until 6:45 am in the same area I had heard multiple gobblers the day before,” said Mike. “Still we heard nothing.” 

After the silent treatment (welcome to Alabama public land hunting), he and his friend moved on to check a couple of other places in hopes of locating a gobbler that wanted to play. As luck would have it, Mike struck a gobbler with his RealHen box call about 7:30. 

“The gobbler was high on a ridge about 300 yards away but answered my calls with excitement in his gobble,” said Mike.

Mike and his friend eased along a creek bottom, checking the tom again with the box call to see if it had moved. It had, and it was definitely coming their way. Sizing up all the scratching beneath the oaks in the bottom, Mike quickly decided to set up there since turkeys had likely been meeting up in the area. They had no sooner than they got set up, when he heard the gobbler drumming. The tom was close.

“I clucked a couple of times and then a crow cawed. The turkey gobbled right back to the crow and a minute later, I saw him coming down the ridge right toward us,” says Mike. “As he got closer, he stood tall and started to cluck, looking for the hen. He was already close enough so my buddy squeezed the trigger.” 

Boom went the shotgun and down went the gobbler. It’s so good when a plan comes together and the turkeys follow the script! 

“I hope it works out this well when we get the camera here and rolling on the Quest as I am eager to sit behind the gun and work a bird in for myself,” said Mike. He did a little more scouting over the weekend, checking out what was going on around the public land he hunts in Alabama, and then took advantage of the change of plans of being home and enjoyed a lot of time with his wife and kids.

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