Quail Unlimited Ceases Operation

Quail Unlimited (QU) has been in a great deal of financial turmoil since at least 2009, when allegations of corruption and a federal investigation permanently tarnished the group's image. Despite new leadership, QU never overcame the scandal in terms of its finances or in the court of public opinion. This week QU announced it's ceasing operations. Here's a portion of the statement released by QU president Bill E. Bowles:

As we began to pick up the pieces of Quail Unlimited 2 ½ years ago, and tried to determine exactly what condition QU was in, we quickly realized that this was not going to be easy. As caring and determined members, we stood together and we overcame one obstacle after another, after another. This has been a valiant effort by everyone and we should all be proud. I would personally like to thank every member for your support. Our great staff and our great Board of Directors have stood the test and they have given their very best effort. However, the entire Board of Directors and I have made the difficult decision to cease Quail Unlimited operations and go out of business effective immediately.

QU has also officially endorsed Quail Forever (QF), a sister conservation group to Pheasants Forever. Quail Forever also inherits certain aspects of QU, as noted in a QF press release:

In an effort to keep a group of passionate quail hunters and conservationists engaged in the cause, Quail Forever has purchased the Quail Unlimited mailing list. In addition, the Quail Unlimited name, logo, and website are being permanently retired. Today, quail and quail hunters now boast the largest group and loudest voice ever assembled with Quail Forever, Quail Unlimited and Pheasants Forever’s collective membership. We intend to take the full power of this voice to Washington, D.C. as we fight for strong conservation policy in the new Farm Bill, as well as at the state & local level as our chapters work with local farmers and governments to improve America’s landscape for quail, pheasants and other upland wildlife.

Unlike QU, Quail Forever enjoys a large membership and strong grades from a variety of charity ratings groups. Let's hope the good news in this otherwise sad story is that it strengthens Quail Forever. Because if the Pheasants Forever conservation model is any indication, a stronger Quail Forever means a stronger future for quail.

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2 Responses to Quail Unlimited Ceases Operation

Sprint20 wrote:
February 17, 2013

I was a memeber of QU when it first organized. I was deeply disappointed with the organization when it became apparent that it was all about the money. all you ever heard was about the "celebrity hunt" past and future. As a lifetime quail hunter. I wish Quail Forever well. Unfortunately, I think that the great sport of hunting wild quail over pointing dogs is over, except for the priviliged few.

Bird Dog wrote:
February 11, 2013

Quail Forever is a fantastic organization that runs lean and mean administratively. Plus their Legislative Action Group is second to none. God Speed Quail Forever!