Proposal Would Require Dogs to Wear Life Jackets

Here's a law that only a yuppie could've dreamed up: A Colorado proposal would require all dogs to wear canine life jackets in order to attend pool-equipped doggy daycare facilities.

"We have a park with a pool in it, and that means every dog that walks in our park would have to have a life jacket on," James Bertini, owner of Earthdog Denver, told the Daily Camera. "This is extreme overreach with this proposed rule."

The proposal's draft language says "every dog must wear a personal flotation device while in or while having access to a pool area whenever the pool water is deeper than the height of the dog at its shoulder" and also stipulates a lifeguard (presumably human) must be present at all times.

Now, one could argue this is government overreach. Or a solution in search of a problem. But here's what most irks me about the proposal: Dogs can swim, you idiots!

"Dogs are better swimmers than we are, and we don't have rules that require humans to have life jackets," Bertini told the Daily Camera.

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1 Response to Proposal Would Require Dogs to Wear Life Jackets

Dennis wrote:
January 08, 2013

Whoever thought of this must be using the new pot law in Colorado to the extreme! What an IDIOT!