Spanish Princess' Fur Coat Sparks Debate

The Headline: Princess Letizia Steps Out in Fur

The Summary: The blow-hards over at Huffington Post report that Spain’s Princess Letizia wore what looked to be a fur coat to the Francisco Cerecedo Awards.

Jeff’s Take: Pardon my lack of investigative journalism on this one, but from what I understand about this wooly story, basically a pretty Spanish Princess wore a fur coat—or maybe a faux-fur coat—to some awards ceremony, and now all the PETA types on the HUFFPO website don’t know whether to cry foul or faux. Well, I’m only a coyote-collar kind of guy, and I wasn’t invited on the red carpet, so I’m left to guess as to the coat's authenticity. My old trappin’ daddy always said, “If it walks like a fox and feels like fur, it will bite ya.” So I’m staying away from this trap of a question, and I'm going coyote hunting instead.

The Bearer of the Fur Award Goes To: Les Johnson, for winning the Triple Crown of Coyote Calling Competition

Recommended Gear: Knives of; AlaskKraft Fur mittens

Alternate Headline: Is this Princess Fur-Real?

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