Post-Thanksgiving Musings

Thanksgiving may be over, but it's never too late to give thanks. Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum belatedly shares some post-Thanksgiving musings about hunting and the rise of female hunters' numbers.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, I gave thanks for a good day in the woods. I was deer hunting with my work family, my coworker and his son, and although we didn't take any game, we saw quite a bit. I sat in a blind, stalked the fields and jumped two does who got away. The first doe saw us before we saw her, and with the second I was inside 100 yards, but chose not to take the shot because I wasn't comfortable. That day I came away with a feeling of success even though I had technically failed, because it's the failures that make the successes that much sweeter.

Over Thanksgiving break, I went to see "Catching Fire" with my family and was reminded of how the bowhunting in the film has had such a positive impact, with many young girls taking up archery. For anyone who keeps up with any outdoor news, you know that all anyone can talk about is the number of female hunters is on the rise. And thanks to movies like the "Hunger Games" and shows like "Duck Dynasty" hunting has been shown in a more positive light and is gaining in popularity. Even though it's a few days late, this is one of the many things I'm thankful for, because any day in the woods is a good day—and the more the merrier!

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