PETA Names Bill Clinton 2010 Person of the Year

The group of radicals known as PETA honors Bill Clinton for shunning hunters.

The Summary: Bill Clinton took home the title after reportedly kicking his Big Mac addiction and going vegan.

Jeff’s Take: Sounds like a match made in hamburger hell to me. And what about all that duck hunting that the former presidential candidate used to do? Guess he kicked that habit too. Meanwhile, most of us average folks will be hunting ducks, deer and small mammals while practicing healthy living the old fashioned way by eating tasty animals. After all, hunting is the original movement, and we have a few champions as well: Nearly every other president in history was a natural meat eater. I’m not going to cry, nor be anemic, when Slick Willie decides to lose a few pounds to garner a little press for a radical, out-of-touch, sickly group of herb-hugging freaks.

The Distinguished List of Past Winners:  Tim Gunn (his ancestors would be ashamed), Ellen Degeneres (her disdain for meat is not even funny); and Oprah Winfrey. (I still want to take her hunting, even though I'll do most of the eating.)

Recommended Gear: Wild-n-Tame Fish-n-Game Cookbook; Ruger Red Label 20-gauge; Sportsman’s Guide Camp Utensils

Alternate Headline: PETA Calls Bill Clinton Freak of Year 

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