Pet Doors


The latest case of home invasion by wildlife comes from Oregon where a coyote chased a homeowner's cat through a pet door and into their home. William Biscoe—the homeowner—and his wife were awakened early Monday morning to the cacophony of the coyote pursuing their cat.

"The cat ran in the cat door, and the coyote was hot on its trail," Biscoe said in a report on the KGW television website. "And needless to say, once the coyote got in the house, it was scared, real scared...made a whole lot of ruckus."

Biscoe further described the coyote as literally being scared "peeless and poopless" in his home. He—with some help—used furniture to box the errant canine into an area with a door to exit outside. Using some two-by-fours for encouragement, Biscoe ushered the coyote through the door and into the backyard where it jumped the fence and fled.

Inquisitive wildlife, or in this case wildlife in hot pursuit of a meal, have found some real adventure this year via pet doors. A lady in Florida awoke to find a 6-foot alligator in her bathroom recently. The reptile got in through her pet door. There have been several raccoons getting into homes via the doggy door as well. Still another report came in of a deer fawn taking a tour through someone's home entering through the pet door.

Those of you who have a pet door might want to think about ways of controlling access to your home when you are vulnerable—like being asleep, in the shower or some other indisposed condition.

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