Dealing with the October Lull

I haven’t been hunting, but I got to thinking about where I would go if I did hunt. Some people hunt every weekend regardless of the time frame. If the season is open they are hunting. This, as I have stated a few times in the episodes, can do more harm than good at times. If you are leaving scent and intruding into your good areas at times when the bucks aren’t moving during daylight, you are taking the risk of educating them with very little hope for a reward. Okay, we get that, but where would I actually hunt?

It comes down to what I have preached already, go where you are finding daylight movement on your trail cameras. But what if you aren’t seeing daylight movement or you don’t have trail cameras out? Hunt the very fringes of your hunting area, places you won’t likely come back to once the rut starts. I may even hunt a few new areas, places I need to get stands up in anyway. The afternoon hunt gives me an excuse to go in and get the stands set. I am probably hunting does at this time.

I would hunt near an area with oak trees dropping acorns. That is a given right now, or an area with green browse such as clover. That is where the reports I am getting from the pro staff suggest the deer are feeding right now.

Really, the best way to deal with the “October lull” is just to wait it out. It is nearly over. When the weather cools off here in the next week or so, the bucks will start to perk up a bit and by October 25 I will be hunting them every day. So don’t get too aggressive. There is no reason to stay out of the woods either. Good luck.

Be sure to check out this week's video.

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