Not Again


This may be repetitive, and I can assure you that I get no pleasure from writing about basic gun safety again, but as long as morons like the two at the Mount Clemens, Mich., gun show this past weekend continue to shoot gunners in our collective foot I am going to continue my rant.

For those who missed the story, a gun show customer was handling a semi-automatic firearm when it discharged. To make matters worse, when the owner of the firearm took it back, it discharged again! Three people—two women and a 10-year-old child—received minor wounds from bullet fragments. The owner of the firearm was identified only as a 64-year-old man, and the gun show operator has banned him from future gun and knife shows. Authorities are reviewing the facts to determine whether charges will be filed.

Guns do not discharge on their own...ever! Someone had to put cartridges in the magazine, cycle the bolt and pull the trigger. The details of this incident were not included in the news release that I saw, but those three acts occurred and one or both of these idiots did it.

I am not too familiar with Michigan law and I doubt there is a statute against stupidity, but if there was, these two should be charged with first-degree stupidity. There is no excuse whatsoever for ammunition to be in any firearm at a gun show, unless it is a personal-defense pistol worn on the body.

We have made some great strides educating the public as to the legitimacy of gun ownership. It is, in fact, an inalienable right to own firearms. However, with rights comes responsibility. Blow off the responsibility, and you'll risk the loss of the right.

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1 Response to Not Again

Rich wrote:
June 28, 2011

Was the perps name, Gump? This could have been tragic! I agree, some time out on the pillory might be a good punishment, too! I do attend gunshows and have noted half, if not more, of those in attendance are there to fulfill the curiosity quotient. How could they be gun safety experts?