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A sarcastic rant by a Mother Jones reporter advises the Tea Party to sell merchadise more like the NRA's.

The Summary: That pesky anti-gun website Mother Jones is at it again, although this time its giving NRA some favorable press for a change when it associates NRA members with the Tea Party movement then mocks all of us via a sarcastic Christmas wish list. Writer Stephanie Mencimer says the Tea Party movement would be better served to sell more manly merchandise—like the NRA does—rather than golf accessories and booze. Then she all but calls NRA members barbarians because we like such things as guns, small government and freedom, as indicated by the items available at

Jeff’s Take: Thanks for the press, Stephy baby, even if it is sarcastic trash. Even a dimwit like me can easily discern that after perusing the NRA Store for a few moments, you now have your finger on the very pulse of the NRA and its 4 million members. Yep, you know what makes us tick. And because of your vast journalistic prowess, now even the most close-minded liberal knows where to buy useful merchandise that might save good lives and defend this great country’s liberty from the likes of … you.

The You-Never-Know Quote: "Oh, and there's also the official NRA battle axe, designed for both chopping down big trees and also throwing at people should the need arise."

Recommended Gear: Christmas shopping at; NRA Woodman’s pal; Tactics for Self Defense book; and even a .243 Winchester Corkscrew

Alternate Headline:  Mother Jones Uncovers One-Stop Holiday Gift Shop

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1 Response to Mother Jones Shops At

Jack Wolford wrote:
December 21, 2010

People running Mother Jones magazine had better learn their history about who Mother Jones was and what she stood for and how she made her mark. No room for wimpisses here!