More Cool from the SHOT Show

At the first day of the real SHOT Show even an old dog like me has found some nuggets that wag my tail. Most defy my natural affinity for exquisitely executed classic designs, but they do involve some remarkable imagination in terms of design and innovation. Some are intended for the masses; others target some very esoteric niche markets. Here’s three of ’em:

Mossberg Flex
Take a classic design, pare it down to its bare essentials and then rebuild it with a modular design that allows the gun to be tailored to a diverse set of needs. That’s what Mossberg has done with its iconic Model 500 pump-action shotgun. Beginning with one frame, you can build it into a CQB door breaching shotgun, a tactical home-defense room sweeper, a cantilevered slugster or turkey slayer or a versatile upland or waterfowling shotgun. Changing from one to another takes less than five minutes. A lot of shooters are looking for as much versatility as possible—to stretch their shooting dollar as far as possible. The concept of a modular gun has been brought to the forefront with the AR-15 and the Ruger 10/22. Mossberg has taken it into the shotgun realm—and the company looks to have done it very well.

Timney Hands-Free Trigger
One of the great things being done now is the inclusion of otherwise disabled people into the hunting and shooting sports. For quadriplegics there have been some innovative trigger actuators that allow the shooter to pull the trigger with his or her breath. Most of these custom-made rigs are complicated, somewhat fragile and expensive. Timney, the aftermarket trigger manufacturer that has been building superb fire-control mechanisms for more than 60 years, came up with an elegant and simple solution. Basically it involves a trigger tripping unit that bolts onto the trigger guard that is cable activated by the shooter biting on a clothespin. It sounds crazy, I know, but it really is an incredible device that will allow more people to participate in shooting and hunting.

Thompson/Center Dimension
A big part of T/C’s time-honored legacy is its use of switch-barrel versatility. The Contender and Encore platforms have allowed shooters to shoot everything from rimfire to powerful rifle-caliber magnums from a single platform. Now that T/C has jumped face first into the repeating bolt-action market, it’s only natural that the multi-caliber, switch-barrel concept be brought into the mix. Mark Laney and his design team have come up with one receiver that can handle everything from the .204 Ruger to the .300 Winchester Magnum. With its bridge-style scope mount that guarantees repeatability of point of impact to its magazine well inserts that allow the rifle to handle the diverse cartridge profiles and a user-adjustable trigger, this rifle looks to be one of the most versatile rifle profiles to be made available to the American shooter.

More to come...

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