Miss West Virginia is a Hardcore Deer Hunter

Deer hunters come from all walks of life. We're not all the stereotypical rednecks that some folks would make us out to be. Take the reigning Miss West Virginia for example.

This "mountain mama" isn't shy about her love of deer hunting, and she's excited to be a role model for young hunters everywhere―young or old, man or woman.  

"I just think it's fun and I like the challenge, and it's a big adrenaline rush too," she told WSAZ News Channel 3 in her home state. “I’m definitely a West Virginia girl. I was a major tomboy when I was younger."

This tomboy has certainly stayed true to her Milton, W.V., roots, even after she finished in the top 10 of last year's Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas. When the lights of the big city were behind her she was back in a treestand looking for a different kind of trophy. Our kind of trophy.

She reportedly hasn't killed a buck this year, but there's no doubt she'll continue to go out with her father as much as she can.

“How could you have a Miss West Virginia that didn't hunt?” her father, Brett Pierson, told the news station. “That just wouldn't work."

Thanks to Jesse and her father for getting the word out about our passion, and bringing hunting to a different audience. Let's continue the family tradition of hunting every chance we get.

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