Low-Profile Stand Placement

I believe there are two ways to scout and to place stands. You either need to get perfectly clean and do it without alerting any deer, or you need to make a bunch of noise well before you get anywhere near the area, and give the deer plenty of warning before you arrive. They seem instinctively to have a different reaction to obviously loud human activity than they do to sneaking. They don’t like to be surprised.

So, I always decide before I head to place a stand if I am going to be able to get in and out clean. If not, I take a chainsaw, drive my truck close, slam the door fire up the chainsaw, cut a few small trees and act for all the world like a farmer out fixing a fence or cutting firewood. Yes, they will run off (usually), but they won’t see this intrusion as particularly dangerous and they won’t react nearly as negatively as they would if came sneaking along and bumped right into them in their beds.

Also, whenever possible, I try to place my stands during the fall right before a rain. I did that today (Monday, Sept. 26). I had to put up a stand in an area where I expect to shoot the buck I call “Big”. On this trip, I felt like I could get in and out clean as I wasn’t going too deep into the timber and I knew exactly where I wanted to set up so there wouldn’t be much human scent spread around while scouting.

I put on my Elimitrax boots (they are leggings that keep you from leaving scent on low brush) and headed in with my stands (one for the cameraman) and my pole saw. Shortly after I finished hanging the stand it started to rain, washing away most of the human scent that had left behind.

Now, here is the funny part: I may have to go back with a chainsaw and clear out a ditch that I am going to use to access the stand. I have no problem whatsoever making a bunch of noise and sawing my way down in there. I have done that as late as October 20 some years and come right back only days later to enjoy great hunts in those same areas. The point is this: If you can get away with a trip to hang stands without alerting deer, do it. If not, make a bunch of noise.

Check out this week's video.

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