The Best Calling Instructor: A Real Duck

Duck calling instructional CDs and DVDs are great resources to improve your calling, but I firmly believe that the best teacher is a real duck. There's just no better way to learn the subtle nuances of duck vocalizationsand when ducks make themthan through hours of waterfowl observation.

This can be achieved during hunting season; however, the off-season may be even better if you have access to local birds. The ducks aren't pressured, so it's far easier to get close enough to listen in on the conversation. I have a buddy who spends his lunch hours at a nearby pond listening to resident mallards; his calling has improved significantly.

If you don't have access to waterfowl, a CD/DVD that has recordings of actual duck vocalizations is a nice alternative. There are also some pretty decent videos on YouTube, including the one below. It's just two minutes in length, yet it captures a variety of vocalizations including excited greetings and contented chatter. Do you notice any differences between the cadence of real ducks and that of most human callers?

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