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Testing the Leupold CDS

By Keith Wood

Leupold’s CDS dial system shows a lot of promise for open-country hunting, so we gave it the BullShooters test to see if it really works as-advertised.

From the Leupold site: "Leupold CDS models allow you to quickly dial your elevation to different sight-in ranges with a custom adjustment matched to your specific ballistics information. The CDS dials change out easily, allowing you flexibility with different loads, conditions and calibers."

Check out the video below for the results.

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2 Responses to Testing the Leupold CDS

KW wrote:
February 14, 2012

That is a Lightweight 3-9x33. You read more about it and the rifle if you go back to the Bullshooters Lightweight Rifle Project.

Pinkerton wrote:
February 11, 2012

Which model is mounted on the rifle used in the video?