Late Dog Leaves Gift of 10 Puppies

There's a popular sentiment among human beings that "everything happens for a reason." Some believe a higher power is at the wheel, yet even the occasional atheist will acknowledge that life can sometimes seem engineered. All I know is there have been some incredible coincidences in my life—some happy, some sad, some a little bit of both—that my heart tells me were more than just chance.

Take the story of my late dog, Freedom. As some of you may have read, I spent much of last month coming to terms with his untimely passing. (By the way, thank you for the many heartfelt condolences you sent through email and on this blog. They meant a great deal.)

Well, last week I received a phone call: Sassy, the last female that we bred Freedom to, was in labor. By the next morning, my 31st birthday, she'd whelped 10 Freedom puppies.

It was quite a birthday gift from a dog that owed me nothing at all. Here's a photo of the four males, of which I plan to keep the liver-and-white and one of the black-and-whites:

No, these pups won't "replace" Freedom. Nothing ever could. And I certainly won't unfairly compare them to him. But it'll be nice to have a couple Freedom pups in the house to further strengthen our memories of him.

Thanks, Freedom. You left just the gift I needed.

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