Lacrosse Alpha Mudlite APG Snake Boots

Editor Emily Snyder was preparing for a turkey hunt in south Texas, and Lacrosse was kind enough to supply her with a pair of Alpha Mudlite APG Snake Boots. See how they fared.

As I was preparing for a spring turkey hunt in south Texas, Lacrosse was kind enough to supply me with a pair of Alpha Mudlite APG Snake Boots. I knew these would be an imperative addition to my hunting gear as I was planning to trek the Texas countryside during the peak of rattlesnake season.

The boot is made of a natural hand-crafted rubber giving it a tough exterior that is completely puncture resistant. The material made the boots a bit heavy, but an innovative AirCirc system circulates airflow inside the boot, so my feet stayed cool in the warming Texas temperatures. My feet not only stayed cool, they stayed dry even after trudging through ankle-deep water.

I was largely impressed with the adjustable clasp as it supplied a customized fit around the calves. It also allows a perfect fit as it accommodates any amount of clothing a hunter may be wearing. Water proof, scent proof and comfortable, I couldn’t ask for a better snake boot! With superior traction and made of materials built for long-term durability, these boots got me through a week of hard hunting.

Although I did not encounter a rattlesnake in Texas, I would have been ready for one had it showed up and made a move. I was prepared for anything with these boots.

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