Kudos to the Wolverine State

With all due respect, I doff my hat to the Wolverine State. On November 28, Attorney General Bill Schuette announced that Michigan was the first state to acknowledge full reciprocity concerning concealed carry permits with all 40 shall-issue states! What that means is if you have a permit in any of these states, it will be recognized and honored in Michigan. Now that’s progress!

Schuette said, “The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental freedom enshrined in our Constitution. I am proud to be an aggressive defender of our Second Amendment freedoms.”

He further noted that if any additional states move to enact concealed-carry laws that would allow reciprocity agreements with Michigan in the future, his office will work to achieve agreements with those states.

If you live in Michigan, consider writing or e-mailing Attorney General Schuette and thanking him for standing up for your rights.

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1 Response to Kudos to the Wolverine State

Richard Oestrike wrote:
December 02, 2011

A common sense agreement from our Government, thank you Attorney General Schuette and the other 40 States who agreed.