Knight & Hale’s Hale Fire Call a Sure Winner

Judging by the response from turkey hunters nationwide—and epitomized by attendees at this year’s National Wild Turkey Federation convention, where the product was the number one overall call seller—Knight & Hale’s new Hale Fire gobble call is a sure winner.

Gobble call? What would you use something like that for? As I learned first-hand on an end-of-March hunt at south Alabama’s excellent Master Rack Lodge, the Hale Fire is excellent for locating gobblers in the morning while on the roost, putting them to roost in the evening and even getting the to gobble during the day when other calls do not elicit a response.

“Knight & Hale has been trying to build a gobble call that the average guy could blow easily for 20 years, but never could make one that Harold Knight thought would work properly in the field,” said company spokesman Mike Mattly. “The Hale Fire came about last November when the team was working on a new line of waterfowl calls. Basically, they were going through goose calls, something Harold could always make gobble but nobody else could. So there they were playing with new goose calls and when some of the other guys others started doing it. They then began switching out call reeds and playing with it until the Hale Fire was born."

I have known and hunted with Harold Knight for close to 40 years; I met him and David Hale back in 1984, when the started their call company, and to this day I have never met anyone who can call game and has an ear for the sounds that critters make the way he can. The Hale Fire is an extension of that gift.

The single reed call has a molded acrylic body with aluminum center piece, and features a “thread-lock” design for easy disassembly in the event that you drop the call and need to clean it quickly. To blow it, you simply make a mallard feeding chuckle while using one hand cupped around the bell to control volume. To see first hand how easy this call is to use, check out the video. The call retails for $19.99 and is available right now. You can also get more information from Knight & Hale Game Calls, 256-353-0634;

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