Why Has Jeff Foiles Been so Quiet on Indictment?

Jeff Foiles has been all but silent on the serious charges he'll be arraigned for next week, thus far issuing only the following broad statement:

Jeff Foiles an American Sportsman, respects the law relating to regulations of wildlife and hunting, and now faces an indictment (charges) accusing him of acting in violation of that respect. Jeff appreciates the patience and understanding of friends, sponsers and supporters. Because a court case is pending, His attorneys advise that He cannot comment on the indictment. Jeff, FMI, and Fallin Skies Duck Club would like to wish all of You a very Happy Holiday Season!! Thanks again and please PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!!

Jeff Foiles
Good Huntin!

Despite the advice of Foiles' lawyers, I don't think remaining mum on the indictment has been the best route. I'm not an attorney, but I do have a public relations background, and one of the first things every PR student learns is that "playing ostrich" during a crisis is a huge mistake. If you say nothing, you allow others to tell your story. The Foiles chatter has been dominated by his alleged crimes and other rumors. Foiles' side of the story is nowhere to be found, because he has forfeited control of the message to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the media (who love a good pre-trial conviction) and waterfowl chat-room gossip. 

At the very least, Foiles needs to issue a more comprehensive proclamation of his innocence. It may not completely stem the tide of damage to his reputation (he needs a not-guilty verdict to do that), but it would at least stop some of the bleeding. Otherwise the discourse will continue to focus exclusively on his arrest.

What do you guys think?

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3 Responses to Why Has Jeff Foiles Been so Quiet on Indictment?

Shane wrote:
January 22, 2011

Why did Jeff capitalize "His" and "He," does He think He's God?

Jason wrote:
January 19, 2011

I think the best answer I can give would be this: he is probably not saying anything because when 99% of what you are being indicted for is true, what's the use of issuing a false statement. It's no secret that Jeff is an ego driven maniac. This is just an example of self will run riot. Eventually when you go around long enough and squeeze every person like a lemon to get what you need, it can have a fowl effect. In this case he burned enough bridges in his career that when it came time for the Feds to round up the " roll over crew" they didn't have to go very far. Remember karma can be a real burden sometimes.

snafu23 wrote:
January 19, 2011

I'm doubtful that this one (or the other 22) will blow over for Foiles. I couldn't agree more that he should be anything but quiet, unless he is already making deals with Feds for a reduced sentence...which could be a factor. Guilty or not, I'd say his days of being a viable spokesman for most companies are over. He won't be able hawk his own line of equipment with a dark cloud like this surrounding his reputation.