Idaho To Fight No Wolf Hunt Decision

After a successful 2009 hunt that reduce wolf populations to healthy levels and raised revenue, a judge called off the hunt. But Idaho fires back.

The Headline:  Idaho Fish and Game will Fight Malloy’s Wolf Ruling

The Summary: The Idaho Department of Game and Fish plans to do everything in its legal power to appeal and overturn U.S. District Judge Donald Malloy’s ruling that relisted gray wolves as an endangered species, thereby outlawing the hunting of wolves in any state. 

Jeff’s Take: This is a classic example of sound, biology-based wildlife management being hijacked by politics. When Rocky Mountain gray wolves were originally listed as endangered, the recovery goal—that would remove them from the endangered list—was at least 300 animals. At the end of 2008, there were over 1600 wolves, and as a result farmers, ranchers and hunting outfitters began feeling the effects of depredation. NRA didn’t advocate—as some people did—to “kill ‘em all,” nor did we call to “save all the wolves” like so many liberals.

We believe regulated hunting is the answer, as it has worked for nearly every other species on Earth. When Idaho and Montana issued management plans to the U.S. Game and Fish service in 2009, wolf hunts went off without a hitch. Of its harvest limit of 220 wolves—there are about 850 wolves total in Idaho—hunters legally harvested 188. Besides creating fear of humans in this top-tier predator, and protecting untold livestock assets, Idaho sold 31,000 wolf tags that brought in $484,308 that will be used for conservation.

Guess how much cash they’ll get from sportsmen in 2010? Zilch. In fact, it will incur negative revenue since the state will no doubt have to pay subsidies to farmers who lose livestock. Malloy blames his ruling on Wyoming, the state that did not bother to make a management plan. But meanwhile, why punish farmers, ranchers, hunters, elk herds, Montana and Idaho’s game departments, and ultimately wolves? Is it because one state drags its feet? I'm no expert, but it seems to me that FWS should punish Wyoming by outlawing its hunts instead of killing sound conservation practices in others.


Alternate Headline:  Regulated Hunting Will Save the Wolves

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1 Response to Idaho To Fight No Wolf Hunt Decision

Jeff Hebert wrote:
August 24, 2010

Good article on this wolf "fight" situation. I was glad to see in this months American Hunter an article by Darren LaSorte about Constitutional Amendments and the Right to Hunt. Also, MAJOR KUDOS for hanging a hunting boot in Wayne Pacelle and HSUS' butt. This so-called humane society could care less about animals, agriculture, your family, or America. It's all about control and money. For more info on what they ARE really up to, go to, activistcash, animalscam dot coms and others. And a millionn thanks NRA for what you do.