Should We Hunt Humans?

At an English hound hunt, yuppies are fair game because hunting foxes has been banned.

The HeadlineAt English Hound Hunt, Humans Are Fair Game

The Summary: The Washington Post reports that because hunting foxes with dogs was banned in England, mounted houndsmen at the Coakham Hunt now chase humans over hill and dale. The volunteer “foxes” however, are typically dressed in shorts and sneakers and, of course, are unharmed when caught. They try to evade the hounds, but are instructed not to do anything too dangerous—such as crossing a railroad track or running too fast—that might hurt a hound or pull a muscle.

Jeff’s Take: This pathetic story (that was cast as a style piece in The Post) makes me proud to be an American, and even prouder to be a member of the NRA who will do its best to see that hunting isn’t banned here. Can you believe this nonsense?

The AntiQuote: “Not every casual onlooker recognizes this manhunt for what it is; some fear a fox’s life could be at stake. Occasionally … a passing car will slow, the window winds down, and a figure leans out: ‘Murderers!’ the driver shouts. ‘But we’re not planning to kill Andy.’”

Recommended Gear and Why: A Lifetime membership to the NRA, because we don’t want this to happen in the USA.

Alternate Headline: Hunting Is Fair Game In England

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1 Response to Should We Hunt Humans?

Dale wrote:
February 01, 2011

Pay hed to what happens in other countrys, it is a warning what can happen if you don't stand up for your rights !