Quest for 450: How Well Are You Hidden?

While driving to Florida to begin his quest, Mike Pentecost remembered something he had done the week before while hunting with a friend that he wanted to share with everyone following him.

He’s obviously killed a lot of turkeys in his day, and it’s the attention to details that can make a difference. One of those is understanding exactly how hidden you are when you set up in the woods. With today’s cell phone camera quality and even the ease of carrying a small compact digital camera in the woods with you, having a hunting partner snap a photo of you once you are set up (or even using a timed camera) can help you become better at blending in with your surroundings.

“I will set up in different spots when I’m not actually hunting and have a friend shoot pictures so I can see what I look like to the turkey,” Pentecost said.

Doing this has helped him become better at breaking up his silhouette, using light limbs or brush in front of him to add more depth to his camouflage and selecting the right tree or background to set against, depending on the camo he is wearing.

Hunters wearing camouflage that is heavy in grays or bright greens will stand out against a large pine trunk, while a dark camo pattern against a light beech or oak tree trunk would also leave you exposed.

“Sometimes, if hunting with someone, and if I have time before the bird gets there, I’ll even have a hunting partner snap a picture, look at it on screen and make any adjustments necessary before the bird gets near.”

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