How to Enjoy Every Duck

Our society often puts emphasis on the idea that more is better. I don't believe that to be so, especially not as it relates to duck hunting. I'll cut to the chase: Those who think a limit of ducks is what our sport's all about are setting themselves up for failure. For one thing, it's not a reasonable goal in most regions, but most of all it blocks one's ability to appreciate and enjoy every duck bagged.

You know the type: He's so intent on limiting that he shoots a duck, tosses it in the boat and moves on to the next five. Why not take a moment to admire the duck, ponder its age and consider the origins of its migration?

Me? Maybe I'm just not as good a hunter as those who shoot 6 ducks all the time, but if I go home with a bird in each hand, I'm a happy guy. Especially if they include such a trophy as my buddy Ben shot last week:

I wish I weighed the drake before Ben dropped it off at the taxidermist, but the photo gives you a good idea of its heft. Just a beautiful, adult bird. We didn't polish off our limit that day. Heck, we didn't even get close. But anyone who goes home disappointed after shooting a duck like Ben's ought to reconsider his goals.

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