Hooray for Texas!

If I wasn't so wedded to my adopted home state of Wyoming, I would live in Texas. I’ve visited that state many times and done a lot of hunting there. It’s just a fun place to go to. Now I see from fellow outdoor bum J.R. Absher’s “Outdoor Pressroom” that my second favorite state has just legalized the use of firearm suppressors for the taking of game animals.

Scott Vaca, TPWD Assistant Chief of Wildlife Enforcement, hit the nail on the head when he said, “These devices are already legal for hunting exotic animals, including feral hogs, and there is no resource- or enforcement-related reason to prohibit these devices for hunting alligators, game animals or game birds.”

Last year, Kansas legalized suppressed firearms for taking game animals, and I am working with others to do the same here in Wyoming. It’s high time we get with the 21st century and discard the hoplophobic chains of arcane laws.

The issue here is one of public health. Everyone knows that raw gunfire harms one’s hearing. As one who has lost—as of my last test some six years ago—two-thirds of my high-frequency hearing, I can attest to that fact. If you live in one of the 39 states where suppressors are legal, perhaps you should give some thought to initiating some truly progressive legislation removing this inexplicable law.

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2 Responses to Hooray for Texas!

Brian wrote:
April 13, 2012

Surpressors are legal to own in 39 states. They just are not always legal for hunting. I believe the author was talking about legalizing them for hunting purposes. Go to the website http://www.silencersarelegal.com/ for more information.

Michael wrote:
April 12, 2012

I assume the author means "if you live in one of the 39 states where suppressors are ILLEGAL"