Hog Wild

By Bob Robb

It’s February, with much of the country encapsulated by Old Man Winter. But along a band of country stretching from California through Texas and the southeastern states all the way to Florida, the weather is pretty nice—and the hogs are going wild.

Wild hog hunting has been such a favorite of mine that I wrote two books on the topic back in the early 1990s. In most states the seasons are incredibly long—if they close at all—and bag limits incredibly generous—if there is any limit at all. Most states also offer wild pig tags at reasonable cost to nonresidents (some states classify them as vermin and, thus, no tags are required, but check regulations before going hunting), and guided hunting for those without access to private property is relatively inexpensive. Best of all, success rates are extremely high, and the meat of a fat, wild hog that has been feasting on agriculture is some of the sweetest you’ll ever eat.

I have hunted wild pigs every way imaginable, from spot & stalk hunting to following a pack of trained hounds to sitting stands over a feeder. I’ve shot them with bows and arrows, deer rifles, shotguns with slugs, muzzleloaders, handguns and even killed a couple with a big knife. I have hunted them by day and by night. It’s all good.

Finding a quality wild hog hunting outfitter is pretty easy. State game departments often have information on their websites, and you can do your own internet research, too. When I lived in California and hunted wild hogs there hard, I often helped hunters set up a one- or two-day hog hunt tied into a family vacation that included a trip to a major theme park, wine country tours and so on. The same is possible in many other states. And since hunting hogs is usually action-packed and not physically demanding, it’s also a wonderful way to involve your spouse and kids.

The very best hog hunting of the year is coming up during the spring months. If you’re looking for a great way to beat cabin fever and get some hunting in right now, check it out.

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