Golf Course Allows Hunters, Outrages Neighbors

When geese commandeered its greens, a california golf course tried everything. Finally they called in the hunters. Others called foul.

The Headline:  Golf course allows goose hunting, outrages neighbors

The Summary: George Warren of reports that managers of a golf course in Trulock, Cali., after exhausting many other efforts to reduce its pesky and growing population of resident Canada geese, opened the course to limited hunting. It proved to be the only method that worked; hunters took several dozen geese, and scared off many more. Nonetheless, some nearby homeowners were appalled.

Jeff’s Take: Anti-hunting, suburban, golf-club dwelling neighbors of a California golf course were appalled? Gasp! Shocker! These yuppies are appalled at the notion of going to Safeway for organic tomatoes rather than Wegmans. Pa-leese! This is a private course and the geese are eating the owners out of house and home, not to mention coating the greens with a not-so-fine film of birdy dirty. And who among us likes geese to befoul our pretty new oxford spikes when we could be fowling them for dinner? Not I.

The “Goose Is Loose” Quote:  "You can't putt on the greens because of the goose poop," said Club Member Jerry Jerrett.

Recommended Gear: Remington Versa Max shotgun

Alternate Headline:  “No. Fores for Golf-Course Geese”

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3 Responses to Golf Course Allows Hunters, Outrages Neighbors

J R Carpenter wrote:
October 28, 2010

I've often wondered why the 'dirty birds' have never been captured by netting them and given over to the food for the hungry programs.

Ann Martini NRA member wrote:
October 26, 2010

Its true who want to go someplace with friend and family to walk in poop. More plances should let hunter on to take care of the problem. I commend the California Golf course.

Clyde Smith wrote:
October 15, 2010

State and City Parks are so fouled by goose crap that you cannot even take the kids for a picnic or a walk. Kill them all!