Giving Thanks

This is Thanksgiving week—a week when most are thankful that they don’t have to put in 40 hours of work. This holiday has largely devolved into an excuse to eat and drink excessively and watch football games. It is a far cry from what the Founders intended.

I believe that we gunners and hunters have a lot to be thankful for. Some among us have endured some personal tragedies this year, for sure. They have my sincere sympathy and prayers. But I would suggest that the rest of us take a couple of minutes and give thanks for those blessings bestowed upon us this year. With that in mind, I offer my gratitude for:

• The failure of any significant gun control legislation to pass (with the exception of California) this year.

• A significant decrease in hunting accidents—I do not recall of hearing of any fatal shootings in the hunting fields thus far.

An easement of availability and prices on ammo and components.

• That we have an increasing number of classy people representing shooters and hunters to the public.

There are probably many more that slip my doddering old memory, and there are a plethora of personal ones, as well. Think about your own, and feel free to post them here.

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers—regular and occasional!

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1 Response to Giving Thanks

Joe Hunter wrote:
December 05, 2011

I'm thankful for the opportunity to hunt on land I did'nt have to lease. Otherwise, I would'nt be hunting.